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Accounting I
IATA history
Illegal partnerships
Immediate holding company
Imperfect competition - see Monopoly
Imperial system
Impersonal accounts
Implicit contract
Import control
Implicit cost
Import deposits
Import duties - see Tariffs
Import Duties Act 1932
Import levy - see Tariffs
Import licence
Import penetration
Import propensity
Import quota - see Quotas
Import restrictions
Import surcharge
Import tariffs - see Tariffs
Importers' entries of goods
Imputed cost
Imputation system
Inada conditions - see Prodution function
Incentive compatibility
Incentive contract
Incentive scheme
Income, circular flow of
Income and earned surplus statement (U.S.).
Income and expenditure account
Income tax
Income tax allowances
Income tax, repayment of
Increase in the book value of stocks and work in progress
Increase of capital
Increasing returns, law of - see Economies of scale
Incremental capital-output ratio
Incumbent firm
Index of members
Indirect expenses
Indirect investment
Indirect labour
Indirect taxation
lndivisibilities - see Economies of scale
Induced investment
Industrial artists and designers
Industrial action
Industrial concentration - see Concentration
Industrial Artists and Designers, Society of
Industrial democracy
Industrial dispute
Industrial economics
Industrial organization, economics of
Industrial economics
Industrial licensing - see Licensing
Industrial policy
Industrial relations
Industrial sector
Infant industry argument
Inflation accounting
Information agreement
Inherent vice
Initial allowances - see Capital allowances
Innocent entry barriers
Input-output analysis
Input-output matrix
Input prices
Input tax
Insiders and outsiders
Insolvency Act 1985 (UK)
Institute of Accounting Staff
Institute of Chartered Accountants (EW)
Intangible assets
Integration - see Merger
Intellectual property rights
Intensive margin
Inter-company loans market
Inter-industry trade
Interest out of capital
Interest paid by companies
Interests in subsidiaries not consolidated
Interim accounts
Interim dividend
Interim receiver
Interim report
Interior solution (interior optimum)
Interlocking directorate
Intermediate areas U.K.
Intermediate products
Internal audit
Internal check
Internal control
Internal rate of return
International company - see Multinational
Interstate Commerce Conimission (ICC)
Intrinsic value
lnventory analysis
lnventory investment
Inventory investment cycle
Inventory turnover - see Stock turnover
Investigations, company
Investment allowance
Investment appraisal
Investment demand curve
lnvestment expenditure
lnvestment function
lnvestment goods - see Capital
Investment grants
Investment in stocks and work in progress
Investment incentives
Investment income
Investment, inward
Investment, negative - see Disinvestment
lnvestment opportunity curve
Investments: in company accounts
Invisible assets - see Intagible assets
Invitation to treat
Invoice discounting
Iso-cost lines
Issued capital

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Rewards or penalties designed to induce one set of economic agents to act in such a way as to produce results that another economic agent wants. As rewards for good results, incentives can include higher pay, better working conditions, better job security, better promotion prospects, or prestige. As penalties for poor results, incentives may take the form of lower pay, worse working conditions, poorer promotion prospects, demotion or sacking, or loss of reputation. Incentives may be applied in response to actual results, such as and disciplinary record. Incentives cannot be based on inputs or outputs unobservable by management. See also export incentives; incentive contract; investment incentives.


Reference: Oxford Press Dictonary of Economics, 5th edt.